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Decluttering Goals, Challenges and Ideas » September 2022 Goals » 9/13/2022 6:54 am

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I finished the cupboards and the kids are in school. Today, I am designing mock-ups  on the computer, it’ll take a few afternoons, but then that will be done.
- The craft room is staring me down, hopefully I get a chance to make a dent in it soon!
- meal plan is coming along but we’ve been intentional about shopping the freezer.
Adding to the list:
- wash outside windows before it gets too cold
- pull out flowers and put the pots to bed for the winter
- put away hoses, etc
- trim around trees and trim down bushes

Time Management Goals, Challenges, and Ideas » Name one thing that's taking too much time... » 8/27/2022 11:38 pm

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Procrastinating until the last minute. I spend a lot of time and energy putting things off then racing the clock to get things done. I used to say that I thrive under pressure but really I don’t, I just don’t utilize my time appropriately.

Time Management Goals, Challenges, and Ideas » Is it enough? » 8/27/2022 11:35 pm

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MommaJo wrote:

After reading your recent excellent e-letter (August 5, 2022) my thoughts conitnued:

Is it enough?
Is it good enough?
Is it important enough?

There is the old joke among the elderly: “I don’t even buy green bananas anymore as they might outlast me”.

Not to be morbid but an elderly friend, who loved garage sales and thrift shops (she brags about her "finds" and that she has 40 tee shirts) once said that she is looking at things differently now.

For instance in her home, her family room carpet is showing some wear. She could have new carpet installed, but carpets last for 10-20 years. Saying she may not even be alive that long, she asks herself, is it good enough?

She saw an expensive purse on sale, but she has an abundance of purses already. So she asks herself, are her present ones good enough?

She was asked to join a committee at church. She is already busy, caring for her grandchildren, so she asks herself, “Is it important enough?”

She cleans her kitchen, the hub of her family life. With her failing energy, but perfectionist tendencies, she asks herself, Is it clean enough?”

Our limited time and our space and our energy are important. We all don’t know know how much time we really have.
So we should all ask ourselves before buying more, doing more,:
Is it good enough?


I love this! I struggle with ‘more’ and need to work on ‘enough’.

Decluttering Goals, Challenges and Ideas » September 2022 Goals » 8/27/2022 11:27 pm

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My goals for the month are:
- finish painting kitchen cabinets - I have the uppers done, waiting to get new countertops next week and then will start the bottoms
- make mock ups for fall orders
- organize crafting space a bit better. Right now it’s a multi functional room - workout equipment, crafting and a sleeping area for the kids’ sleepovers and it’s all spilling into each other. So I will start with the crafting area.
- get kids organized and ready for school (they start the 7th here)
- work on a meal plan to eat down the freezers a bit as hunting season is coming up soon

Introduce Yourself » Tell me how you learned about Get Organized Now! » 8/27/2022 11:20 pm

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I have been following for many years. I’m not sure how I found you but probably a search for organizing help. I actively participated in the old forum and enjoyed the interaction with everyone. In fact, the community on the old forum welcomed my youngest child being born - 14 years ago!!

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