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12/26/2022 10:38 am  #1

Packing for the holiday, or (any day) trip

It occurred to me as I packed my suitcase to spend the holidays with family that packing a few days early was the key. I began by laying things out on a spare couch a few days before, counting how many pairs of socks, etc. and doing laundry so I'll have some clean when I return.

The main tip I want to share is:  to try to live out of the suitcase the day before leaving. All day today as I use things, such as my hair brush or tooth paste, I'm surprised at how automatically I toss them right back into the drawer out of habit! By packing them immediately I am made mindful when, early tomorrow when I have to retrieve them from the suitcase to use, I need to put them right back. I am also discovering other things I forgot to pack as I go about my day, so I am packing them as I use them.

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