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1/13/2022 8:53 am  #21

Re: January Organizing Goals

During the at-home phase of the pandemic we bought lots of small appliances and lots of pantry ingredients for dishes from international cuisines. Our city apartment is quite small, and the loft-style kitchen/dining/living room area is the main space. My January goal is to try something unintuitive--we are swapping the food out from our small cupboards and putting appliances in them. The pantry food will be organized, have expiration dates written in Sharpie marker clearly on the packages, and organized in clear totes on shelves that were holding the appliances. We're doing one or two cabinets per weekend and already have remembered some dishes we can enjoy with the ingredients that we're rediscovering now that they are not out of sight. Also, it actually looks more organized and so I'm more relaxed about the occasional guest stopping in for a short indoor visit. It has also cut down on unnecessary new purchases where we forgot we already had some ingredients. Looking forward to slowly cooking and eating our way through some of this wide array of foods! That might be our February goal (haha)!

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1/13/2022 9:08 am  #22

Re: January Organizing Goals

True for me as well--but often done with a sense of panic or desperation (grin)!

Another (more positive feeling) situation with similar results for me is when I'm waiting for someone to arrive to pick me up--if they are delayed and let me know, I start doing some chores and it's amazing how much can get done so quickly. I sort of wish people would be late more often? Just kidding! Maria often recommends we set a timer for a short amount of time and work quickly--worked great for us.

MzBroome wrote:

Slightly OT, but i've noticed how much more de-cluttering etc. I can get through when I know someone is coming to the flat. Have you found a way to get this energy going for the everyday decluttering we do??
My main goal for January is still garden-related,hopefully without the attention of last years Giant Spanish Slugs!!  Cheers 



1/13/2022 7:18 pm  #23

Re: January Organizing Goals

I purchased new file folders.  I remembered Maria suggesting buying some pretty ones, so I did.  So my goal is for the month of January is to clean out my file cabinets two drawers and reorganize our files.  We have had a lot of changes in the past few years and I had tried putting some of our records into 3 ring binders and that works for some, but I am getting ready to rework our cabinet to make some of the stuff I have sitting on shelves to fit in the cabinet, so I don't have to pull out so many different things when recording information.  I also plan on dividing my files up in sections and have a stack of cardboard that came from packages we received to make the divisions between the actual folders.  I hope that these things speeds up my filing and makes it easier for my hubby to find what he needs in the files, when I am not at home and he needs to access information.  One problem I really have is that I don't do my filing on a regular basis.  Last time I filed it had been six months since I had done it and things really start to pile up. So my goal is that this month I will reorganize the filing cabinet.  


1/14/2022 3:17 pm  #24

Re: January Organizing Goals

Yes, I've found that a plan breaking jobs into smaller tasks helps me focus on the goal. It also helps me to keep a journal to keep track of what I'm doing and where I left off. So many times I get way-laid by life, and have to stop for weeks or months before returning. Keeping a journal or log helps with that. Yesterday I tackled a pile of papers and tossed many. Today I was side-tracked and scanned my old baby book. You are right, scanning and posting to Ancestry is an excellent way to share photos and documents to "cousins" we've never heard of or will likely never meet.

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What I see around me would drive me insane if I did not know that, no matter what happens, God will have the last word.  
―St. Paisios of Mt. Athos

1/19/2022 12:22 pm  #25

Re: January Organizing Goals

Family research is one of my hobbies, too. Haven't worked on it much in recent years, but am planning to get back to it soon.

Years ago, I decided on a particular scope for my research, e. g. how many generations I'd like to go back, what kind of info on each ancestor I'd like to find out as a minimum, etc. That has helped me a lot.


1/25/2022 10:28 pm  #26

Re: January Organizing Goals

Ali.gray wrote:

After 22 months I am getting a kitchen, so will be taking the dishes from the entertainment center, the food from the bookcase, the dog food from containers on the floor, the coffee maker & rice cooker from the table, the cleaning supplies from next to the fridge on the floor & organizing my lower cabinet & upper floating shelves when they are installed later this month. Also will be building, painting & putting shelving (2j into my wash house to get my laundry stuff, painting, pest control & gardening stuff out of piles on the floor from around the washing machine. Wish me luck that my contractors come through for the month!

UPDATE: wallpaper & floating shelves are up, lower cabinet built & delivered. Waiting on counter top & sink to arrive. Designed & bought lumber for 2 shelving units for wash house - hoping this week to measure, cut, build & start painting. Rain has hampered project, I don’t have a garage. 


2/02/2022 6:10 pm  #27

Re: January Organizing Goals

OK, so January is now behind us. I'd love to hear your successes/challenges with the goals you mentioned above! 

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2/03/2022 6:37 am  #28

Re: January Organizing Goals

I've been slowly plugging away at those unorganized family tree computer files, going through each of our surnames, and I'm up to the "F's"!. Someone asked you recently about tossing her old paper photos since she doesn't have close family to pass them along to. The family tree websites, where people build their tree is a great solution as people post their old photos there with the person's "page". It is such a joy to find photos of family, close and distant from the past that I've never seen before. Once I posted an old photo of a young girl from my mom's album, and it turned out that a daughter of that girl today was so excited as it was one she had never seen before. It made the bit of work worthwhile.

What I see around me would drive me insane if I did not know that, no matter what happens, God will have the last word.  
―St. Paisios of Mt. Athos

2/03/2022 11:54 am  #29

Re: January Organizing Goals

I succeeded in sorting and organizing my walk-in closet. I found  a few cold weather items, some were extras, that I will donate to an Emergency Shelter. This helps us both out; eliminating extras for me and keeping someone else warm. Win-win!


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